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Why Are We on WordPress?

A blog is not about facts–thus do I offend everyone with a blog. But it stands that emotions are not facts. Opinions are not facts. The way your dog barks when confronted by dandelions is not a fact, no matter how cute you think it is. If we wanted facts, we Pressers would write for journals. We would have sources and research cited, and we would care about footnotes vs endnotes. In my early days, I foolishly thought that everything needed to be supported; everything had to be proven. My first two long posts (on Rupert Murdoch and Justin Bieber) involved heavy Googling and Word documents filled with facts, only half of which were deemed relevant. But in the end, neither of these posts were true to what a blog is. While some blogs make very good points and other blogs are reputable news sources masquerading as blogs, the driving idea behind blogs themselves is the expression of self.

Freedom of speech gets thrown around a lot where I live. With my American arrogance, I will name blogs as the very essence of the First Amendment. Here, I can argue for the superiority of texting without emojis. I can proclaim my discomfort with sculpted dogs. I can even confidently inform all and sundry that hula hoops began when Galileo Galilee tried to incorporate the rings of Saturn into his wardrobe, and the site moderators will not tell me that I cannot write these lies.

Of course, if I tout such blatant untruths as fact, I will not attract a serious following. The consumers will punish me for my missteps; the government need not step in. If the government could and did step it, we the people would be conferring upon that body the ability to define what is true and what must be persecuted as false.

Basically, blogs show us why and how free speech is so cool and works on its own. Wow, isn’t Murica cool? Even my bombastic eloquence must run dry, so L out. See you never.



So I guess it’s time I make myself known, since as of yet, L has dominated this blog thing we have started. My thoughts are no where near as deep and thoughtful, I feel obligated to say. Be prepared for ramblings on TV shows and people and books that I absolutely love, and think everyone else should too. So, yeah, Hi!!  –E

“Nope” intensifies, diversifies grammatically

So scientific. Be still, my heart. –L

Sentence first

Remember the transformation of fail and win 5–6 years ago? Fleeting online slang phrases like bucket of fail and made of win may sound dated now, but terms like epic fail/win and FTW (“for the win”) and the words’ use as tags and hashtags remain popular. Fail and win have firmly, if informally, extended their grammatical domains, having been converted from verb to noun, interjection, and other categories.

A word undergoing comparable change is nope. Its metamorphosis over the last few years has in some ways been more impressive, but it seems less remarked on than fail and win – maybe because of its more limited distribution. For instance, this cartoon on Imgur (pronunciation note here), which shows Spider-Man shooting spiders from his hands, drew comments that use nope as a verb, adjective, and noun – mass and count – as well as duplicating, lengthening, and…

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