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Standard Protocol -L

We do. There is no “try,” and there is no “do not.” We write, we create, and slowly, we rise.

We also cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to current events, Marvel comics, battle rap, the rights of man, YouTubers, and random spiels of thought. Our grab bag of subjects mixes elements from all over the Internet, which is why we will never have a fan base. L has made peace with that. E still holds out for a heroic demographic, one that will be sure, soon, and larger than life.

Until that unforeseeable future when this blog starts making us money, blockedletters is a hobby. Therefore, while we will shoot for one post a week, the sad reality will be that the posts will come whenever the help we feel like it.

Someday soon in the foreseeable future, L will come up with a catchphrase that appears witty and cool to L only. Until that day, we will sign off with an awkwar–