About Us

Hi! We’re E & L, which sounds auspicious and corporation-worthy but is really just both of our initials with an ampersand in between to spice things up. L tells E that it stands for Egghead and Luscious. E has no comment so far.

Blockedletters has a number of meanings: censorship, graffiti font, typewriters, glitches in the mail system, meerkats, and whatever the help we feel like. There is no secret meaning here (unless you are one of our brethren/sisters, in which case, welcome, the purple spotted hippopotamus lurks in the leafy bowers on Thursday). We’re just on WordPress to have fun and hopefully entertain. If we were serious, we’d cough up $18 a year and be blockedletters.com. We’re on twitter as @blockedletters , gmail at blockedletters@gmail.com , and the Don’t Flop forums as–you guessed it–MeerkatKingdoms. Just kidding, we’re blockedletters there too.

Unfortunately, E & L decided not to release any personal information to the public, so this About Us page is rather a scam. Hope you enjoyed it anyway, and come see us again! We’ll be right here. Waiting for you. All night.

(Unless we see a tragically beautiful girl in a chair, of course.)


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